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Hampton Designer Showhouse Surprise: It's Already Sold

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Though just opened to the public, the 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse is now in contract for close to its $8.495 million asking price. The Joe Farrell-built home has been on the market since last month and will close just after the Showhouse completes its run in September. Listing broker Scott Strough of Strough Real Estate Associates said the buyer works in 'private retail', and that the interior decorating is believed to have had an effect on the sale, helping 'to provide insight into what you can do to a home like that'. (See a gallery of this inspirational design work here.) Meanwhile, the 2008 Showhouse in Sagaponack is still languishing on the market at $10.9 million, after receiving a $1.6 million chop four months ago.
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