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Afternoon Delight: Art-Lover Richard Perry's Dining Pool

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Hedge-funder Richard Perry has made headlines this week following a few disgruntled neighbors calling out his appreciation for modern art, specifically the rather large Jeff Koons sculpture sitting atop his Sutton Place penthouse. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Cityfile diligently notes that this is not Perry's first brush with bizarre home décor. His Sag Harbor abode, one he shares with local shopowner and wife Lisa Perry, boasts none other than a pool in its dining room. Yes, a pool. A brief web-investigation turned up a 2007 article in the now-defunct magazine Hamptons Style, in which Mrs. Perry described the design choices made to accommodate the small lap pool that was already in the home upon its purchase. How the previous owners retained a building permit for it remains a true and utter mystery.
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