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EaterWrap: Gurney's Gets Sushi, Mezzaluna Reviews, More!

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[Golden Pear: Now with ice cream!]
1) Gurney's Inn has opened a new sushi bar at the Montauk resort, much to the delight of Dan Rattiner & Co. Awesome fact: The sushi chef is 'the inspiration for The Karate Kid's martial arts guru and mentor, Mr. Miyagi.' Mr. Miyagi (the chef) once came to Gurney's this season after years of cooking at Magura in Las vegas. [Mtk Pioneer]

2) Complaints Dept: Mezzaluna Amg. got a few more nods this weekend. From a tipster: 'I had a terrible experience there. the manager was rude and had his nose in the air, service was awful, portions were small, and it is overpriced. They should stay in nyc and get out of town!' And via @BenLeventhal: 'Mezzaluna Amg absolutely packed. NB no takeout per se, though bartenders willing to negotiate.' Clearly people have diverging opinions about this thing. [CurbedWire]
3) Dan Aykroyd certainly made the rounds last weekend, hitting up Turtle Crossing on Friday night to shill for Crystal Head Vodka and stopping by Georgica on Saturday. Stepping into the kitchen at the Wainscott restaurant with Bon Jovi, Aykroyd announced (jokingly) that the food was 'rubbish' to horrified looks on chefs' faces. [CurbedWire Inbox; NYP]

Turtle Crossing

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