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Swan Cove Buyer Unmasked, Offered 'Near' Asking Price

[Photos courtesy IMDB, EH Star and PJS]
Hook Pond estate Swan Cove went into contract earlier in the week after only days on the market, and the Post now reports that investment banker Peter J. Solomon is the buyer behind the deal. A bid for for close to the $22.5 million asking price was accepted for the 1903 'Pink House', whose Hollywood background has made it something of a real estate icon in East Hampton. Once home to Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched, its most recent owner was the late Ziegfeld Follie Mary Howard de Liagre. Located just steps from the Maidstone Club, Swan Cove is only 3,500 square feet, but zoned for a 14,000 square foot manse which we can only assume is in Solomon's plans. The soon-to-be owner founded the Peter J. Solomon investment banking firm in 1989, and was once 'a vice chair of Lehman Brothers and a deputy mayor of economic policy and development under Ed Koch'. Welcome to the neighborhood.
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