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RentalWars: Party Houses Angering Water Mill Neighborhood

[Map courtesy Google Maps]
Residents of Jordan Drive in Water Mill are launching a full-fledged We're Not Gonna Take It attack on the sponsored party houses that have infiltrated their neighborhood for the past few years. Two 'large homes' on the block have operated as commercial venues for corporations' shindigs, creating noise, garbage and a general clusterfuck of party-goers. The kicker: Despite loads of violations and citations, including one for a house operating without a certificate of occupancy, companies go to court with high-powered lawyers who ask for adjournments. By the time the case comes around, the party is long gone and there is nothing the town can do.

The homes, one operating as the Bacardi Rum House and the other by 'a magazine' (our guess: Social Life), have terrorized neighbors and potential buyers on the block. Complaints at a hearing on Tuesday ranged from 'my eleven month old daughter can't sleep' to Fourth of July parties lasted until '4 or 5 in the morning' to 'their lawyer threatened me' when Prudential Douglas Elliman brokers were approached by neighbors. Property values are falling as buyers are scared away and the homes' illegal occupants (rental permits are rarely procured) are getting more fiesty. A standoff last year resulted in one of the houses voluntarily shutting down, but this year's companies have fought back. The town's only course of action at this point is to change parking laws, restricting cars in the area between 11pm and 7am and gaining some much-needed revenue from tickets issued. The fight continues...
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