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Market Turnaround Not Helped By Signage, Balloon Bans

Westhampton Beach's woeful real estate agents are trying to get a ban on yard signage reversed, a law that prevents all the 'creative' parts of the selling process. No balloons, no open house signs, only one per yard, and demure lettering on a white background are some of the stipulations in the village code that 'impedes' the industry during a time when it claims to need all of the help it can get. Local brokers is now fighting this war, believing the extra advertising money they spend to work in Westhampton is unfair. Concerns also include the inherent danger of the signage ban. 'Because the lettering allowed on the signs is so small—only a 2-inch nonmetallic light blue block—motorists have to pull over and stop on the side of the road to write down the number.' A 'hazard on village roads', indeed.
· Westhampton Beach Ordinance Impedes Signage [SH Press]