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Top 10: Most Expensive Amagansett Listings

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Welcome to the latest offering from the Curbed Hamptons Listage Department, where everyone loves a good countdown. Suggestions welcome. Upon hearing the news that Amagansett is the now the most expensive East End village to buy a house in, in this episode, we'll take a look at the priciest pads it has to offer...$110 million land parcel not included.

10) What: South of the Highway, Walk to Town
Asking: $5.695 million
The Skinny: 5,700 square foot new construction with 6 bedrooms and 8 baths. Super fancy waterfall in the gunite pool.
Listing: South of the Highway in Amagansett... [MSP]

9) What: 920 Whalers Lane
Asking: $5.995 million
The Skinny: 4 bedroom contemporary in the dunes, 'just steps to the ocean'. Chopped down from an $8.75 million price in December 2007.
Listing: 920 Whalers Lane [Corcoran]

8) What: Marine Blvd Oceanfront
Asking: $6.8 million
The Skinny: Airy, modern 3,500 square footer with 'sexy master suite'. 100 feet of beach frontage.
Listing: A Day at the Beach [Corcoran]

7) What: Oceanfront 'Jewel'
Asking: $6.9 million
The Skinny: Only 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, but this well-decorated beach house has rather 'magnificent' views.
Listing: Oceanfront Jewel [S&A]

6) What: House-ready parcel in the dunes
Asking: $8.5 million
The Skinny: Plans in place for 5 bedroom 5 bath traditional from 'very high-end builder'. (Farrell, anyone?)
Listing: Ocean Views and Private Beach Access [Devlin]

5) What: House-ready parcel off Further Lane
Asking: $8.5 million for completed house
The Skinny: 1.56 acres with permits in place for 'majestic two-story manor'. Land said to inspire true 'architectural genius'.
Listing: 1.56 Acres, Amagansett South [BHS]

4) What: 7 Beach Plum Court
Asking: $9 million
The Skinny: 4,000 square foot contemporary, part of 27 acre oceanfront community. 5 bedrooms and 5 'unique' baths.
Listing: 7 Beach Plum Court [Elliman]

3) What: 5 Beach Plum Court
Asking: $12 million
The Skinny: Neighboring the #4 house, this 5,600 square footer was just price upped last month from $9.95 million. Enclave has 1/2 of beach frontage.
Listing: 5 Beach Plum Court [Elliman]

2) What: The La Carrubba Main Street property
Asking: $14.75 million
The Skinny: Hidden gem: this commercial space comes with 3 apartments (1) behind its 3 storefronts.
Listing: Amagansett Commercial/Residential [BHS]

1) What: 1 Beach Plum Court
Asking: $25 million
The Skinny: First of 3 'zero-carbon footprint' mansions built in beach enclave shared with house #3 and #4. 9,200 square feet with crazy 'geo-thermal' technologies.
Listing: 1 Beach Plum Ct [Elliman]

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