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RackedWrap: Galleries Opened, Discos Explained and More!

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[The Lola Gallery; Photo courtesy Emmett Shine via VF]
1) Just opened: The Lola Gallery, a joint venture from Hamptons natives Emmett Shine and James Cruickshank and Featuring images of such modern-day pop culture icons as 'M.I.A. and Michael Cera', the space at 85 Jobs Lane will remain open through August highlighting the work of artists Kareem Black, Chad Griffith, Emily Schur, Matthew Salacuse and Tim Barber. [VF]

2) Hamptons talks with designer Jill Stuart this week, a longtime Hamptonite and current resident of Sagaponack. Stuart's home with husband Ron Curtis and her three daughters is something of an art gallery on the East End, with works by Damien Hirst, Donald Baechler and local artist Anne Raymond. [Hamptons]
3) The silent disco fallout continues, as British clothier Jack Wills has released a statement in our comments section: 'It was such a beautiful day and out of nowhere a sea fog covered the beach and we were informed by officials that the beach wouldn’t be a suitable location for our type of event. So we had to postpone!!...' Fog? Whatever. If you still want a gift bag, send an email to with you name and address and find out how to get your silent disco t-shirt on. [CH]

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