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Wildlife: Hamptons Cars Rapidly Killing Off Animal Kingdom

WWD has launched an investigation into the plethora of roadkilled animals littering Hamptons' streets. Yes, this is a problem. It seems an acorn shortage this summer is causing more squirrels to check out the trees on the other side of the road, with complete and utter disregard for the speeding cars in their path. Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, a mite that has infected and killed off a good portion of the East End's fox population has allowed for rabbit numbers to climb, encouraging them to run wild in the streets. Damn, bunnies. Former Times scribe Alex Kuczynski is quoted as saying: 'I’ve seen two dead squirrels on South Main Street this summer, and I’ve never seen two dead squirrels on South Main Street before.' Never? Doubtful, though Larry Penny of East Hampton Town's natural resources department 'estimates that unintentional exterminations of the local wildlife are up 25 to 30 percent this year, [and] that clean-up crews haven’t beefed up accordingly.' Penny continues: 'It’s not like Mexico where that same dead cow will be there for two or three weeks before someone removes the carcass.' No, we haven't reached the point of festering cows yet, but our cars are on the fast track to becoming an unintentional animal death squad. You've been warned.
· Blood and Guts in the Hamptons [WWD]