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RentalWars: Grey Gardens Gets New, Sane Socialite Tenants

[Renters. Left: Photo courtesy NYSD; Right: Poster courtesy IMDB]
Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn have found some renters for their iconic little beach house, Grey Gardens. The former home of Big and Little Edie Beale will be turned over to 'socialites' Boykin Curry and Celerie Kemble for five years beginning this September. Bradlee and Quinn have rented the home year-round (save for the month of August) since they purchased the dilapidated East Hampton estate in 1979 from Little Edie. Curry and Kemble, along with their children, Rascal and Zinnia, will take up residence much to the happiness of Quinn herself, who says she 'can’t think of a more perfect fit' for the home. Though the previous renters spent twelve years at Grey Gardens, this five year contract is the lengthiest signed to date. No word on the price yet, but as recently as this May, 'it was rumored Quinn and Bradlee were asking $30,000 for August 28th through September 7th alone', so you do the math.
· Manhattan Socials Move Into Grey Gardens [WWD]

Grey Gardens

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