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EaterHampton: FW: RE Mezzaluna (Bad News, Again!)

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Once again, we bring you the EaterHampton Complaints Department. Have some concerns about how long you waited for that table last night? Angry about the sketchy 'market price' attached to every $20 lobster roll? Witness some general Hamptons dining absurdities? We're here for you.

From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, July 24, 2009
To: eaterhampton complaints dept.
Subject: RE Mezzaluna


Tried to eat at Mezzaluna last evening but was so turned off by rude manager that my party of 8 stormed out. We were told that we could make a reservation and a table would be ready for us at 7 p.m. but when we arrived the manager called me a liar and said that restaurant does not take reservations. He argued with me for 5 minutes saying that I did not speak to anyone who would have told me to come in at 7 p.m. with 8 people. I wanted to give him the business and explained that a man with an italian accent answered the phone and said it would be fine. He just kept berating me and telling me that that never happened!!

Why would I lie?? My husband and I left with our party and had a much better meal at a less trendy restaurant next door called Astro's. Being a homeowner in Amagansett, I will be sure to inform anyone not to eat at Mezzaluna as I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I would be happy to give my money to Nick and Toni's and the Palm before ever stepping foot in an establishment that treats their customers so poorly! They could shove their pizza where the sun doesn't shine! Good luck staying in business in this economy! DON'T GO