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Protest$: Dollar Sign Brand Will Cost $65,000 to Remove

The dollar sign branded into East Hampton High School's football field will cost $65,000 to remove - $10,000 of the school's money, with scorched earth protest insurance covering the rest. In the imagined words of the anonymous brander: 'Take that fiscally irresponsible $79 million expansion project! Now you're even more fiscally irresponsible. HA.' The protester is still on the lam nearly a month after the 60 foot '$' was burned into the field, an act that school officials say has high schoolers 'concerned and upset'. Thankfully, the 'kids are extremely resilient' and have bounced back after seeing the horrifying image on their beloved field. No time frame has been given for when the dollar sign will be removed, but the district superintendent hopes to see it gone before September. 'If it’s going to take a long time [to repair] we can always cut the dollar sign out and put a piece of green in its place,' said the same official, clearly the brains behind this operation. When life gives you lemons, throw down some sod.
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