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EaterHampton: FW: Mezzaluna Amg.

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Once again, we bring you the EaterHampton Complaints Department. Have some concerns about how long you waited for that table last night? Angry about the sketchy 'market price' attached to every $20 lobster roll? Witness some general Hamptons dining absurdities? We're here for you.

From: [an eater]
Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009
To: eaterhampton complaints dept.
Subject: Mezzaluna Amg.


Went to Mezzaluna in Amagansett Monday night. Yes, the food is good, but it was a complete mess. Service was truly horribly inept AND arrogant, not a good combo. Waiter brought the wrong dishes, later forgot one main course completely, and seemed affronted by the notion that we might want these problems addressed. Prices are also absurdly high for what seems like a casual neighborhood pasta and pizza place opening mid-recession: appetizers and pizzas are $20, salads $15, pastas $28 and up. Food definitely shows potential, but at the moment this place needs a major overhaul, and fast.