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Happy Times in Surf Lodgedom Despite Locals' Complaints

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Despite running an illegal store and dealing with vocal concerned citizens worried about its septic system, all is well in Surf Lodgedom this year. The sophomore season of the Montauk hotel is not without its share of local complaints and mild police frustrations, but all and all, things are going quite nicely, according to an article in this week's Press. Co-owner Jamie Mulholland will face a hearing next week about four outstanding food service violations, at which time the community's constant concern about overcrowding will be addressed. (The Lodge's restaurant is slated for 68 seats, but critics claim it has 122...Mulholland says that's counting the bar and non-restaurant areas.) Aside from that chair dispute, he finds 'most people have embraced us'.

When asked about said violations and the never-ending parking issues that have plagued the hotel from its start, East Hampton Town Police Chief Todd Sarris says he's happy to give out parking tickets, but also quite chipper about the place itself. Chief Sarris on the 2009 incarnation of the 'dom: '...compared to what it used to be, it’s a much quieter establishment'. Dominic Schirrippa, the director of code enforcement, or The Enforcer, as we shall call him from here on out, is fairly jolly about Surf Lodge as well. Following citations for the hotel's illegal teepees in May and an apparently permitless store discovered this month, The Enforcer said that 'there was no trouble with that bar [Surf Lodge] at all, as compared to some of the other saloons and watering holes where there are steady fights and harassment charges. They may be a little noisy, but they are well-behaved.' Surf Lodge: Where the most docile of Hamptonites go to have fun.
· Surf Lodge Under Heat from County and Locals [EH Press]

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