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EaterHampton: Eat Like the East End Uptown and Downtown

In an effort to alleviate withdrawl symptoms for those who might have to miss a weekend on the East End, City Search is offering up a list of transplanted Hamptons restaurants in the big city. Some names on the list made the trip west, while others followed their clients east one summer and never looked back. Taking the first spot is Almond, a Bridgehampton staple, that has translated its comfort food to the Flatiron District in a 'better than expected' move by owners Jason Weiner and Eric Lemonides. A loyal clientele followed suit, and Almond NYC may just be the most successful Hamptons to NYC transition. Nick & Toni's Cafe, an Upper West Side outpost of the iconic East Hampton resturant, never fared so well. Known to be 'much easier to get a table', the New York version always suffered from not quite capturing whatever it is that made the Hamptons original such a bona fide success story. City Search is not a fan of the 'childrens' drawings and the 'frequent presence of the increasingly plump Baldwin brothers' either.

Nello takes the third spot as the 'most ludicrously priced restaurant' in the universe, but is given the benefit of the doubt seeing how it's managed to float two restaurants with $29 endive salads. Success is attributed to the 'identical' feel of both locations, where little is left to a high-priced imagination. Next up, Dylan's Candy Bar, a candy store by Dylan 'Daughter of Ralph' Lauren. A triumphant success wherever it goes, the Mini Bar in East Hampton is just 'high-concept' enough to match its mammoth city counterpart. Finally, pricey pastry shop Sant Ambroeus rounds out the list. The popular Italian café has completed its migration from Milan to New York to Southampton picking up fans along the way.
· The Hamptons Here At Home [City Search]

Sant Ambroeus

265 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 966-2770 Visit Website

Almond Restaurant

1 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Visit Website