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EaterHampton Alert: Georgica's Chef Back in Hell's Kitchen?

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Grub Street is reporting that Georgica's co-executive chef Robert Hesse may be returning to Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. With the season six premiere tonight, rumor is Hesse will be back after leaving the show prior to the finale last season due to a heart condition. Despite his seemingly steady job at the Georgica restaurant, the GS sleuths think that might just be a ruse - a cover-up until the show airs and Hesse can take the winner's job at Ramsay's Araxi restaurant in Whistler during this winter's Olympic Games. Another (vital) clue: 'Hesse's uniform at Georgica is a signature Hell's Kitchen chef jacket, with the shoulders in black, the color reserved for the best of the best who remain in competition after the men's and women's teams merge'. Developing...
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