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That's Rather Hideous: Feel the Orange Glow Surround You

[Photo courtesy Sotheby's]
These days, most multi-million oceanfront contemporaries come with the requisite basement screening room, but 230 Old Montauk Highway gives us this psychedelic wonder. In the home's $35 million listing, this 'state-of-the-art screening room' gets only the slightest mention next to the 'high-tech gym' and the '2500 sq ft separate guest house', but makes an impression in the end of the photo pile. What, pray tell, makes one believe small cushions are comfortable seats? And wouldn't those viewers made to sit inside the orange bubble end up with significant hearing loss as a result of those direct-impact speakers? And why would someone ever build a something in this fashion unless you had an unhealthy obsession with Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451, of which this room is oddly reminiscent. Answers here.
· Listing: Extraordinary Montauk Oceanfront [Sotheby's]