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EaterHampton Alert! First Review of Mezzaluna Amg.

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Following news that Mezzaluna Amg. beat its own expectations by opening last night, we get a early review from a tipster. The one-sentence rundown: While waiter-bewilderment issues are being worked, food tastes great and prices are down. The full, unedited review is below. Any rebuttals? You know where to find us.

Had a great meal......They would not take reservations since they have just opened so we went over. No problem getting seated. Nice crowd.....not too loud. Great looking restaurant. Loved the bar. Food was very good......service was ok....but not sharp yet.....every request seemed to catch them by suprise. Lots of managers watching though. Best bets....Pizzas, Calamari. Prices seemed to be cheap for a restaurant from the to Philippe where each chicken satay is $8 ($24/order)· All Mezzaluna Amg. Coverage [CH]