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RentalWars: The Sandcastle is Someone's for $30,357 a Day!

[Rented, but not sold; Photo courtesy Corcoran]
Ocean-hater Joe Farrell reports that his beloved Sandcastle Estate in Bridgehampton has rented. For two weeks in August, Farrell & Family will pack up and let someone else enjoy the bowling alley and skate park that have become major selling features in this $59.5 million home. Taking a lowball offer of $425,000 for said two weeks (down from his asking price of $500,000), Joe 'I don't need the money' Farrell already turned down $1 million+ offer for a summer rental with an option to buy a few weeks ago. No word on who the renters may be, as early rumored tenants the Jonas Brothers seem to be looking elsewhere.
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UPDATE: The Post reports that an 'Eastern European businessman' is the renter. [NYP]