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Joining 'Higher' Forces: Warburg and Saunders Create Alliance

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Manhattan-based Warburg Realty is forming a 'strategic alliance' with new Hamptons brokerage firm Saunders & Associates, citing both small companies' success in their respective markets. Warburg "A Higher Standard Since 1896" Realty and Saunders "A Higher Form of Realty" & Associates plan on combining their higher forces in a financial agreement based around referral fees between brokers. Says Warburg president Frederick Peters: 'I don’t want an office in the Hamptons. The whole point of doing something like this is the acknowledgment that I do well what I do well ? what I do well is sell in [Manhattan].' Both the owners of Warburg and Saunders believe that 'small company focus' will help them survive the market's downturn, owing to a sense of transparency in companies employing 150 and 25 agents, respectively.
· Warburg Forms Alliance with Hamptons Firm [TRD]