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EaterHampton: Longing for More Swedish Cuisine

[These chairs must be Swedish; Photo courtesy c/o the Maidstone]
This weekend, the Times' Long Island Dining section reviews the Living Room, the restaurant offering in Swede-run hotel c/o of the Maidstone. Joanne Starkey, Bruni of the East, praises chef James Carpenter's 'especially good' desserts and 'comforting' Hamptons classics, but is unable to hide her sadness about the lack of swedishness on the East Hampton restaurant's menu. (c/o the Maidstone, once The Maidstone Arms, is now run by a Swedish company with five hotels in its Scandinavian homeland.) Says Starkey: 'The Swedish offerings — to my taste the best and most interesting dishes on the menu — are limited at dinner to two appetizers; at lunch, there are two Swedish appetizers and two entrees.' Slim pickings for supposedly Swedish-inspired digs, but the Living Room has to be the only Hamptons restaurant serving up 'Skagen' at lunch and 'Toast Pelle Janzon' for dinner. The verdict: Very Good, on account of 'enjoyable' food, 'striking good looks' and one 'gruff' waiter.
· A Swedish Update on a Summer Standard [NYT]

The Living Room at The Maidstone

207 Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-5006

c/o The Maidstone

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