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Spawn of Monty: Two Sightings of Montauk Monsters Reported

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The legend of Monty, the Montauk Monster, has returned to the news this week with two more sightings of bizarre decomposing animals reported on Hamptons beaches. First up, the Montauk Pioneer has pictures of a creature found on the property of Gurney's Inn by PJ Monte (son of Gurney's CEO Paul Monte). Said creature (top) was considerably less decomposed than last year's infamous monster, but was just weird enough to make it all the way to FOX News. In case you were wondering, Monte and friends put the animal on ice after it washed up during a beachside wedding. Over in East Hampton, Egypt Beach became the latest sight of a carcass discovery, as two women found the what the Star dubbed the 'Son of the Montauk Monster' (bottom). Preliminary guesses about this glorified skeleton concluded it was a 'disintegrating seal'.

These latest encounters make a grand total of five 'monsters' since last summer's first sighting. Most believe the constant appearance of such strange creatures has something to do with Plum Island, an island just off the North Fork that's home to a mysterious animal disease research center run by the government. We'll wait patiently as Hollywood develops this script.
· Another Monster? [Montauk Pioneer]
· Son of the Montauk Monster [EH Star]

Egypt Beach

Old Beach Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937

Gurney's Inn Resort & Spa

290 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 2345