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Thomas Moran's Studio and Home to be Restored

The East Hampton studio and home of 19th century landscape painter Thomas Moran will be restored following a detailed report on the historical value of the property. The recognizable house overlooking Town Pond on Main Street was the summer home for Moran and his family between 1885 and 1926, and became a museum of collected items that the artist found on the streets of New York City. The town's preservation consultant found that "these components include remains of a theater around the corner from where Mr. Moran lived in New York that was demolished as well as storefront display windows and interior stairways that he picked up from around the city while it was in the midst of the late 19th century building boom." Moran also happened to be the first eco-friendly artist on the East End, repurposing his front porch into a beach cabana made of recycled materials that he would take with him to the beach on hot days. Makes our complaints about carrying chairs and beach towels seem a little pathetic now, don't they.
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