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Almost-Finished Showhouse Hits Market After Foreclosure

The Bridgehampton home built as the 2006 Hamptons Designer Showhouse is back on the market after a tumultuous three years. Having never been sold at its original $24.5 million price, the 14,000 square foot spread entered into all sorts of legal troubles, including foreclosure, before being turned over to a holding company this year. The house has now returned to the market with a more recession-friendly asking price of $16.9 million. Interestingly enough, purchasing a house in this price range doesn't always guarantee everything you'd expect, like doorknobs. The holding company has been tasked to finishing the house, something overlooked during all of its years on the market. According to the exclusive listing agent at Corcoran as quoted by Newsday, "The media room was never finished, and neither was the patio. ...Even some trim and knobs are missing—the kinds of things you'd expect to see in a house on the market for $16.9 million." Good to know someone meets our lofty expectations.
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