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On the Market: Wall Streeter's East Hamtpon [sic] Estate

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Above, a photogallery of the South-of-the-Highway Hither Lane abode that Wall Street banker Alan Mnuchin has just listed for $17.5 million. The place, architected by shingle style master/hack (depending on your point of view about these things) Francis Fleetwood offers 8,500 square feet of interior space on nearly two acres of land. What $17.5 million won't get you, though: hardcore quality control from the good folks at Sotheby's, who headline the listing, East Hamtpon [sic] Estate Area and offer up a delightfully blurry photo of the family area (the furthest right image in the above photogallery). Hamtpontastic!
· Listing: Hither Lane Estate [Sotheby's via Real LI]

UPDATE: Fleetwood's office informs us that he had no involvement in designing this project. Curbed Hamptons regrets the error.