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EaterHampton: FW: Douchebag Alert -- Blue Parrot

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the EaterHampton Complaints Department. Have some concerns about how long you waited for that table last night? Angry about the sketchy 'market price' attached to every $20 lobster roll? Witness some general Hamptons dining absurdities? We're here for you.

From: [an eater]
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009
To: eaterhampton complaints dept.
Subject: Douchebag Alert -- Blue Parrot
Not sure if you are doing a complaints section on CurbedHamptons or if this rises to the appropriate level but my wife and I went to try to the Blue Parrot on Saturday night at 7:30pm for a quick margarita with another couple. Before we can get through the door, a burly-fake-tan-bleached-hair bouncer/manager asks if he can help us. Inform him of the intention to have a couple of drinks at the bar -- only to be told that the bar is "full" BUT (wait for it) they have a table for us if we want to eat dinner.

No room at the bar?? As we look inside they have people seated at the bar but ZERO people standing and maybe half the tables full. WTF?? It's a bar -- people stand at the bar and drink. Do you really need to try to gin up additional revenue by giving the "table or else" ultimatum? Never had this issue in the Parrot's previous incarnation. Good luck Ron, Renee, JBJ et al -- I'll be sure to warn all my friends to stay away and when the summer crowds die off (assuming you get crowded) will make sure not to visit when I suspect you will need the revenue and tips the most.

Blue Parrot

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