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That's Rather Hideous: Two Roadkill Rugs in Southampton

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That's Rather Hideous is the timeless Curbed feature in which we examine questionable decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos. Nominees to, svp.

Nothing says elegant Southampton estate quite like two flattened zebra carcasses. Former Esprit executive Juergen Friedrich's 18,000 square foot home has lingered on the market for over a year now, perhaps driving potential buyers away with its safari roadkill floor adornments and some questionable George Washington-inspired art (left). The otherwise lovely, Hamptons-y home, built in 1915 by architect Grosvenor Atterbury, seems to be feeling the economic heat. The estate was was originally listed at $67 million last year, but suffered price chops as recently as yesterday—a $10.5 million hack—to bring it down to its current $49 million asking price.
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