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The Reform Club Invites You to 'Change' Before Check-Out

An unusually zen-like take on the Hamptons hotel scene, The Reform Club opens its doors this weekend on Windmill Lane in Amagansett. Offering 'quiet enjoyment' to guests, the Club has seven suites and three cottages on the property, with rooms starting around $700/night in season. There is really nothing cottagey about this inn, which embraces a stark black and white palate and displays the modern works of artists Stephen Farthing and Dan Rizzie. As for the rather inhospitable name, The Reform Club asks you to 'change' during your stay. They invite 'positive change - that is, in terms of peaceful-rest and time to read and walk; the time to see the ocean and the hope, finally, that your stay with us in Amagansett will make a longer term change in where you go to clear your mind, breathe the sea–air and build some memories.' Amen.
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