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War is Over: Peace for El Chod and Rocco on the East End

This per Newsday's Hangin' in the Hamptons: 'TV chef Rocco DiSpirito and restaurant financier Jeffrey Chodorow have obviously put their 1994 TV feud behind them. We caught them chatting at the Phoenix House benefit honoring Niche media's Jason Binn and his wife, Haley.' (Did they have a feud in 1994? We always thought they hated each other following 2004's NBC trainwreck, The Restaurant, but maybe this goes deeper than we originally thought.) Anyways, it seems Eater fav Jeffrey Chodorow has mended ways with his former employee/co-star, as the blog noticed the two talking up a storm at an East Hampton home on Saturday night. When asked about the long-standing rift, Chodorow replied, 'I’m a lover not a fighter. What can I say?' Nothing, El Chod, we always knew you were.
· Speaking again: Rocco DeSpirito (sic) and Jeffrey Chodorow [HITH]