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In Comments: The Impromptu Solé East Bashfest

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[Perfectly lovely hotel room? Nay, say our commenters]
An interesting comment thread popped up following our post on Spencer Tunick's shoot at the Montauk Lighthouse yesterday. From what we can gather, Solé East, the new Montauk hotel featuring the most hipsterish pool party this side of McCarren Park, really ruffled some feathers when they didn't have coffee ready for the participant's wrap party. (The call time was 4am, so we get it.) This monumental faux-pas led to some unhappy campers crawling out of the woodwork...

Let the bashfest begin:
Comment #1 (guest), left at 06/22/09 03:45 PM: I heard there was quite a wrap party, even though it took the form of 'Breakfast'

Comment #2 (guest), left at 06/22/09 03:53 PM: Wrap party consisted of many participants enjoying the fare of John's Pancake House on Main Street! Sole East told us coffee would not be ready for 30 mins after our arrival.

Comment #3 (bkheightscoop), left at 06/22/09 04:05 PM: Hi, another participant here. I went to John's also, didn't hear about Sole and their coffee mess-up. But frankly, I stayed at the hotel, and decided I would never recommend any person to waste their money there!
John's was tasty. and the installation was lots of fun.

Comment #4 (guest), left at 06/22/09 05:44 PM: photo shoot was great and fun!
But, I totally agree, don't waste your money at the Sole East hotel! It totally sucked. They charge $300 a night but there was no hot water. The room had the smell of paint which gave us a headache and there was no way to open the windows to get some fresh air. The walls are paper thin and it is impossible to sleep because you hear everything from every other room, you can even make out every word spoken the walls are that thin (and I thought I was lucky having a room on the quite side! - ha) There is no phone the rooms, so no wake up call. But since you can't sleep because of the noise, I guess you don't need a wake up call. And if you ask to stay a half hour past check in they charge you 20 dollars. This is one of the worst places I have stayed in. Don't waste your money here!

Comment #5 (guest), left at 06/22/09 09:13 PM: I thought this was a comment box devoted to the shoot and after party....

Not a problem, commenters, if you feel the need to diverge from the topic at hand, go at it. More good or bad reviews on the Solé East, its coffee, or lack thereof, are always appreciated.
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