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Curbed PriceChopper: Tyndal Point Sheds $25.1 Million

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It seems every pricechop is one for the ages these days. No exception: Tyndal Point, the North Haven compound first listed in 2007 for $80 million. In what seems like an unprecedented hack, the 55-acre spread is now down to $49.9 million, according to listings with Strough and Corcoran. Despite the chop, there has been little activity with the price of the 'Point, other than a brief time off the market and a relisting at $75 million in 2008. The property features three surprisingly modest homes on '3,000 feet of beachfront, with views of Shelter Island, Sag Harbor and Northwest Harbor.' Included in the package deal, two deep water docks and two carriage houses, natch. Robert Rust, the current owner who inherited the homes from his aunt, said Tyndal Point was bought by his family for $200,000 over 50 years ago.
· North Haven's Tyndal Point now priced at $49.9 million [Real LI]