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Spencer Tunick Inspires Hamptonites to Take it All Off

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[Mexico City, but imagine this in Montauk; Photo courtesy Spencer Tunick]
According to a (now clothed) tipster, famed photographer Spencer Tunick shot a few hundred naked people at the Montauk Lighthouse just this morning. Tunick has shot thousands of subjects in the nude over the years, and apparently today was Montauk's turn to be a part of this global installation art. From the inbox: "There were about 250-300 people there plus nosy surfcasters who probably had the greatest experience of their lives! We were posed in 5 different ways, plus there was a separate smaller women’s photo shoot. We were told to arrive at 4AM. Shooting wrapped at about 7AM. Participants will receive a limited edition print of Spencer Tunick’s choosing from the shoot." And you thought naked forays on the beach only happened on the weekend. [CurbedWire Inbox]