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RackedHampton: Steven Alan Joins the Hamptons Blogophere

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Steven Alan, clothier to the hipsters of the universe, has joined the blogosphere now reporting live from the Hamptons. After opening its Newtown Lane shop last month, the store's employees have taken to the interwebs to update us on their fun times on the East End. In the most recent post, we get a rundown of life in the Steven Alan 'cabin', and a rather adorable shot of their youngest customer (seen here). Curbed Hamptons stopped by the store last week and can report that the brand has adapted itself well to its new surroundings. With Steven Alan's Toms shoes, canvas bags and vintage tees, the store is a welcome relief from the polo shirt windfall that can be the Hamptons retail scene. And for that, we say welcome!
· Steven Alan: More Fun in the Hamptons! [SA Journal]