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Curbed PriceChopper: Lisa Kerkorian's Nearly Foreclosed Barn

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Put this one in the hall of fame: Lisa Kerkorian (ex-wife of multi-billionaire Kirk Kerkorian) seems to finally 'have found a buyer for her 10,000-square-foot Bridgehampton barn'. New York Magazine is reporting that rumors are circulating the house is in contract for 'somewhere around $5 million' after two years on the market and a series of epic chops. First listed by Sotheby's (only a year after it was built) for $16.3 million, the house quickly saw a drop to $12.7 million when Corcoran took the reins. Last year, the house hit $7.995 million, and stayed there until pre-foreclosure proceedings began. 'JPMorgan Chase Bank [is] reporting a $4,112,788 mortgage due on it', so that explains the quick jump at a $5 million sale which leaves our ex-billionairess just under 900K to buy herself something nice.
· Lisa Kerkorian Unloads Bridgehampton Barn [NYMag]