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RackedHampton: Temperley Joins the Pop-Up Parade

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Better late than never must be Temperley London's motto, as the British brand opens its own East Hampton pop-up tomorrow. Located at 53 The Circle in East Hampton (that's the old home of East End Books), the store aims to wisely stay open all the way through December, planning for Hamptons holiday shoppers who miss out with the normally popped-down winter retail scene. Like pretty much of its temporary neighbors, Temperley is bringing a beachy-themed inventory of cocktail dresses, kaftans and cover ups, and will celebrate their opening next month with a Christy Turlington-hosted soirée. Word from the store's presser is that 'to celebrate the opening, every 50th shopper will receive a $250 gift voucher through December'. It's probably going to rain again tomorrow, so skip the beach and start counting those shoppers in the morning.
· Temperley to Open Pop-up Shop in the Hamptons [WWD, sub req'd]