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Sag Harbor: Welcome Cars, Condos and Happy Times!

[The Bulova Watch Factory, future condos. Photo courtesy NYT]
It seems the real estate downturn has been kind to Sag Harbor, a village that has been flourishing due to new building ... and a competent local government. 'Unlike so many communities surrounding the Village [Ahem, East Hampton], Sag Harbor has no multi-million dollar deficit' thanks to a mayor who is also a CPA. (Said mayor, Greg Farraris, steps down after his term ends this year, and his deputy was elected to the post just yesterday.) Among Sag Harbor's shining new achievements: a new parking lot has been completed to alleviate what many thought were mild traffic woes, and historic store fronts have recently been protected by law. Even condos, once a rarity on the East End, are popping up with little controversy, seen as a boon to the local economy or at least better than what was in their place before. A development at 21 Water Street is nearly complete (the site of a former dilapidated night club), and projects at the former Bulova Watch Factory and at 1 Ferry Street are in the works. Congrats, Sag Harbor, on knowing where your tax dollars are, and using them for something.
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