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Another 'Neurotic' Hamptons Artist to Hit the Silver Screen

Premiering tomorrow at the Sag Harbor Cinema, The Windmill Movie, the latest film to be set on the East End. After receiving much acclaim at the 2008 New York Film Festival, the Alexander Olch-directed piece is set to be released in New York Los Angeles this week. The Windmill Movie is a non-traditional tale, not that any Hamptons film has ever been particularly traditional, about the life of independent filmmaker, and Olch's teacher, Richard P. Rogers. Rogers' 'neurotic' jealousy of his colleagues and 'Lothario'-style relationships preoccupied his time so much that he was 'unable to complete [the] autobiographical film he had worked on for 25 years'. It became Olch's task to compile original footage with new fictional sequences (featuring Wallace Shawn) and finish the work his mentor had started. And from that, came the The Windmill Movie. Curious? Olch will be on hand in Sag Harbor this Saturday at 8pm for a Q&A.
· The Windmill Movie [Official Site]