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EaterHampton ParrotWatch Update: IT'S OPEN! IT'S OPEN!

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It was a big weekend for our continuing coverage of The Blue Parrot in East Hampton, and it looks like it's almost time to call this one certified open. Curbed Hamptons operatives spotted the Mexican joint serving Saturday AND Sunday, and we got these juicy updates from our readers...

Tipster email #1: "At the Parrot now for lunch. Soft opening. Thankfully I think the glory has been preserved. All rumors settled. The restaurant AND bar are open for the adoring fans. Karaoke is also on the board and beginning soon! A solid summer ahead!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

And one early review from a commenter: "had a drink there on saturday. all the character was gone. more wait staff than customers but still, it took the lame bartender 15 minutes to get my margarita, without salt when I asked her for salt." [Curbed Hamptons]

Clearly it's debatable whether this is the Parrot we've been anxiously awaiting, but one thing is for sure: Tipster #1, let us know when you'd like that margarita.

Blue Parrot

33A Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937 Visit Website