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EaterHampton: The Fall (and Rise?) of Ed Kleefield's Empire

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Following weeks of front lawn fights between cash-strapped restauranteur Ed "Jean-Luc" Kleefield and business partner Lyle Pike, who are in a dispute over the ownership of Kleefield's four Hamptons restaurants, it looks like things may have come to a head this weekend. Here's the latest:

· Madame Tong's, Southampton: the location of many of these fights during which police threaten to arrest all parties involved. Status: OPEN, kind of. A call to the restaurant Friday night revealed that a liquor license was in place, but there was no real menu ready: "We are trying to put something together, but definitely open for drinks."
· Grappa, Sag Harbor: the location of a Kleefield sighting by a Curbed Hamptons operative on Friday night. Status: OPEN. Dinner would be served Friday night, according to the restaurant.
· JLX, Sag Harbor: the bistro down the block from Grappa. Status: CLOSED. Looks to be in need of some repair and a fresh coat of paint before returning to its former self.
· Prime 103, East Hampton: steak-meets-sushi in the former JL East space. Status: CLOSED. The sign (above) says it all. Also in desperate need of some TLC.

No word on what compromise was reached, but Kleefield's need for cash may have prompted this first round of openings. Check back for continuing coverage on openings, closings and lawn fights.
· Police Fed-Up with Pike-Kleefield Dispute [SH Press]