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EaterHampton ParrotWatch Update: Cue Conspiracy Theories!

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Continuing with our around-the-clock coverage of the most vital issue of the early summer in East Hampton—namely, the will-they-or-won't-they reopening of Mexican restaurant The Blue Parrot—we're in possession of two emails from Curbed Hamptons tipsters telling very different stories about what's going on at the squalky bird. To the inbox:

Tipster Email #1: "The Parrot did open its doors last weekend. Perhaps it was a quiet soft opening, but they were welcoming passers-by. A friend of mine popped in for some margaritas and questioned the bartender for the scoop. What I heard was a bit disappointing. According to my friend (who heard from the bartender—in a sober state), the Parrot is limiting its number of patrons to seating capacity, which would amount to 45 inside and roughly 30 outside. No longer will throngs of drinking patrons be allowed to gather at the bar and seep out onto the patio. A lot of the ambiance has been left intact (surfing videos, etc), but the food portions are smaller, similar to a trendy Manhattan Mexican place. I am still waiting to see it before I fully believe it, but that was the buzz as I heard it. So, what of Parrot Karaoke?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

Tipster Email #2: "Got it on good authority that there is no truth to the rumor that the Parrot will be opening this weekend? the man himself said they were looking to open next weekend or 'shortly thereafter.' Or perhaps it's all an elaborate scheme to whip media types, share-housers and locals into an obsessive frenzy that keeps them stopping by every hour on the hour to see if the Parrot is finally open... which actually sounds like a pretty suave marketing plan, seeing as it seems to be working pretty well. (Do I get a free Margarita from you guys for the tip when it does finally open?? I think that would be classy.)" [CurbedWire Inbox]

Let it be known: a free Margarita at the Parrot, on us, to the first tipster that supplies absolute, unequivocal proof of the eatery's opening:
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VITAL UPDATE 12:22PM: A tipster emails, "Ran into one of the guys who works in the kitchen at the Parrot last night at a certain Sag Harbor watering hole? he said that it might be a good idea to stop by the blue parrot tomorrow around lunch time for some 'killer mexican'—Amazing Marketing Ploy Continues!!!!" Curbed operatives are en route to the scene. DEVELOPING...
VITAL UPDATE II 1:51PM: No margarita for that tipster. Curbed operative at the Parrot: "Dark, workmen inside, chairs up on tables. No tacos." The saga continues...

Blue Parrot

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