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Amagansett Citizens Take on a Charity, Fail Miserably

An 'angry debate' took place Monday night at a Town Board meeting addressing permits for a charity concert in Amagansett this August. The Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee was sent into a fit of rage over the possibility that the event to raise money for struggling food pantries on the East End could set a precedent for other gatherings. Now the ACAC is not to be confused with the Concerned Citizens of Amagansett (a.k.a. Enemies of Eli Zabar), another watchdog group for the village that was surprisingly in favor or this raucous event. John Kowalenko, owner of East Hampton catering company The Art of Eating, is organizing the concert in an open field next to the IGA supermarket on Montauk Highway 'with the goal of raising up to $100,000'. The nerve. Other than concerns about the field itself, the ACAC protested that Kowalenko's failure to set up a non-profit bank account for revenue sounded like 'shenanigans' and that it was 'foolhardy for us to invite 4,000 people to come fool around and get drunk'. Nevertheless, the town approved everything and sent the ACAC on its angry way.
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