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Bad Jokes Spring from Westhampton Cemetery Land Frenzy

[Don't be fooled by the open space; Photo courtesy Hamptons Online]
The Westhampton Cemetery has run into some serious expansion issues, finding itself with only 46 plots left on its nine acre land. The cemetery, which has been functioning seemingly without incident since 1795, is embroiled in a fight with Southampton Town Trustees over a land swap planned years ago that would have avoided this problem. At the heart of the issue, according to Team Cemetery, is an upscale community bordering the land in question whose 36 homeowners' needs are being put 'above the needs of the entire community'. To be fair, nothing says pristine development like a graveyard. But we're more worried about the number of death jokes made in this article. There are only so many times you can say people are just 'dying to get in' without sounding out-of-touch with your customer.
· Westhampton's Cemetery Expansion Mired In Land Swap Controversy [Hamptons Online]