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Seeking Captains: Recession-Proof Boat Rentals in Sag Harbor

Like sailing the open waters but aren't quite as financially liquid as last summer? Fear not, entrepreneurial college grad Cory Abad has solved that dilemma with one of the downturn's better-timed business solutions. Last year, Abad created the Hampton Boat Club as a way to provide a watercrafts to those who didn't actually want to own one. The club, based out of Sag Harbor's Hidden Cove Marina, provides everything from the licensing to the gas for a yearly membership fee that turns out to quite a lot less than the cost of actually owning one of those pesky sailing machines.

The catch: as good as the idea sounds, dude only managed to sign up six members last year. Here's hoping he can make it into the promised land of double-digits.
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