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On the Market: Sag Harbor Airy

For those who love Sag Harbor—and who amongst us doesn't, really?—do check out this interesting condo loft high above Main Street. The Town & Country blog offers some background on how the place came to be: "This unique space is in a building that dates back to about 1832. It is thought to be the oldest business building in the village... In the 1940’s R.C. Barry & Son Home Furnishings occupied the building and used the attic (now the condo) for storage space. In 1968, the Wharf Shop moved in to the ground floor and the attic underwent a major renovation. The next update took place around the mid-1980’s when the 3rd floor duplex apartment was designed and built by a local architect, Harry Fischman, who lived here until 2006." Spiffy indeed. And asking $1.995 million.
· Listing: Sag Harbor Penthouse [T&C via T&C Blog]