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Introducing Curbed Hamptons, Our Humble Beachfront Abode

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If you're reading this, welcome! Curbed Hamptons, the newest blog from the Curbed Network—the folks behind Curbed, Eater, Racked, and Gridskipper—launches, well, right now. For those that remember The Beach, a Hamptons blog we published during the summers of 2006 and 2007, consider this something of a reboot—with a few changes. Though we'll be obsessing about the East End restaurant and shopping worlds, we won't be hitting the club circuit much. And you'll see more emphasis on real estate news, some of which we'll be cooking up in conjunction with our editorial partner, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens.

As always, we'll count heavily on your tips to fuel what we do; the tipline is open at (This is also a good email to use if you see anything weird, broken, or inexplicable on the site.) Our thanks, too, to Curbed Hamptons' title launch sponsor, East End real estate brokerage Devlin McNiff. (Other interested advertisers are invited to email And with that, and Memorial Day Weekend opening the door to Summer 2009, away we go.