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Destructoporn: Southampton's Famed Dragon's Head Felled

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[Photos courtesy Karli Kittinie]

Down on Meadow Lane in Southampton, it is indeed D-Day for the waterfront estate/castle/monstrosity known as Dragon's Head (and, more recently, and more soothingly, Elysium). Originally built in 1929 by Henry DuPont, the joint became the stuff of local legend in the 1980s when financier Barry Turpin decided the place could use some gothic castle touches, like, oh, spires and turrets. (Here's a good history of the place.) Scooped up by Calvin Klein a few years back for its location if not its aesthetics, it's been set to become the area's most spectacular teardown for awhile now. This won't be the last Destructoporn we bring you from the site, promise.
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