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2 Years And 4 Chops Later, Sagaponack Manse Finds A Buyer

It only two about two years and more than $2M worth of pricechops, but the home located at 68 Hedges Lane in Sagaponack has moved into contract. We've actually been wondering when the five-bedroom would find a buyer ever since it appeared as a PriceSpotter contestant last December. Set on 2.2 acres and offering 6200 sq. ft. of living space, the $5.495M pricetag seemed downright reasonable to many Curbed readers. When it appeared in our little guessing game, their estimates wildly overshot the asking price?a pretty good indication that the home is a good buy.

Break out the white robes, incense and meditation pillow for this one.

It's still too early to know the final purchase price, but (as always), guesses are welcome in the comment box.

· Listing: 68 Hedges Lane [Corcoran]
68 Hedges Lane in Sagaponack [StreetEasy]