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The Living Room's Chef Carpenter Tries to Stay Within the Zip Code

The Press looks at new East Hampton restaurant The Living Room this week, checking in with the slow food establishment after its first season on the East End. Found inside c/o the Maidstone hotel, The Living Room has focused on getting ingredients from highly local sources since it opened last spring. Chef James Carpenter (formerly of The American Hotel) tells the paper that he 'starts within the East Hampton zip code', getting fresh herbs from his own onsite garden and using dairy, produce and seafood found within the 11937. Carpenter then slowly expands his reach to find everything he needs, going as far as Sweden to incorporate elements of the hotel's Scandinavian ownership into the menu.
Manager Ro'ee Levi is a fan of this method, remarking that 'the experience of eating a meal that was 'prepared from the heart' leaves a diner 'chemically altered' and helps erase the pains of a bad day." No pressure. The Living Room serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea as of now, but will limit itself to just dinner service after January 4th for renovations being done to the restaurant.
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The Living Room at The Maidstone

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