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In Mezzaluna's Wake, Residents Want Better Historic Guidelines

Residents of Amagansett are pushing for stronger regulation of the village's historic buildings, encouraging the East Hampton Town Board to change one word in the current guidelines. The Amagansett Historic District is currently protected by the sentence "no building or structure or portion thereof that makes an important contribution to the district should be demolished", though many would like to see 'should' be replaced with 'shall' for further emphasis. The request comes after a series of controversial changes to some of Amagansett's older structures, namely the 1808 Isaac Barnes House, along with the Randy Lerner owned Reform Club Inn and Mezzaluna AMG, the now defunct Italian eatery on Main Street. Mezzaluna's transformation to a considerably more modern structure didn't help the UES transplant win over any neighbors during its brief time in the village. With debates over the criteria of the guidelines looming, it seems as though nothing will change until the new year, when a new board resumes work on the matter.
· A Plan to Beef Up Historic Regulations in Amagansett [EH Press]