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Resto-Blogger Takes on Background Music, Bans Kenny G

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The East End's most controversial fish restauranteur Bruce Buschel files a post this week on the ever debatable world of background music. His forthcoming Bridgehampton restaurant is getting wired for speakers after a four-person battle to win the blogger's acoustic heart. The fastidious new restaurant owner begins his post by noting that 'there may be a few freaks who eat at a restaurant because of the music, but many more will avoid a place if the sound levels are disruptive'. Despite this, Buschel quickly nixes his initial idea to have a rug absorb some of the sound over spillage concerns in his quest to keep his music suitably low.

His challenge, as he put it, has been compounded by the fact that 'a very small percentage of great music is great background music [and a]n equally small percentage of great background music qualifies as great music.' Kenny G is immediately banned and Buschel decries CDs all together, believing that even 45 minutes of Jack Johnson could bother someone enough to not return. In a preview of next week, we learn that the resto-blogger will unveil his Top Ten default albums for the best background music should his iPod ever fail. We wait with bated breath.
Photo courtesy Bruce Buschel via NYT
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